Sunday, November 28, 2010


Why Hello There...

So it's been awhile, here is the much anticipated update of our lives. Basically our scheduloe goes as follows:


7:15 I literally roll out of my nice cozy warm bed and onto the floor to get in the shower

7:45 I jump back in bed

8:00 I get back up to get ready for my five minute commute to Farm Bureau Insurance

8:30 I leave for work and Ry goes to school shortly thereafter

We will now skip the good part-

2:30 Ry picks me up from work and we head to Salt Lake for LSAT tutoring.

4:00-9:00pm we cram our brains with as much logical reasoning and game playing strategy as possible

11:00 Stop @ Papa Forsyth's to watch THE EVENT and eat their food. I love them and we are hooked on that show!


Same morning scenario only no leaving work by 2:30 :(

5:00 Leave Farm Bureau to drive through the parking lot to USU Brigham Campus for the second job

5:15 English 2600 begins I set up the projector to what is loving known as the 'brady bunch view' so the professor can see all students in the 5 sites he braodcasyts to and then hide in the back, this professor usually prefers to not see me so I hide the in facilitator closet at the back and study LSAT

7:45 on to the next class, English 4300 is the most utterly boring poetry class all I have to do to set up is turn on the TV and then I'm back to studying, or shopping online usually the latter.

8:00 Ry brings me dinner which I shamelessly eat in the class, there's only two students so who cares that I make the whole room smell like Chinese food or loudly unwrap a Subway?? not me.

10:30 Class ends and I book it home to the husband :)


same morning scenario

Kelsey works, Ry schools

5:00 I rejoice as I drive home and search through recipe books for something that would be delicious to make...of course we have no ingredients because let;s face it I can't seem to drag myself to the store three blocks away, SO its frozen pizza or ramen noodles. Ry has night classes *figures the only day I don't* so I remain unmotivated to cook for just me. plan B as always is to head to the inlaws they have tv and food and christmas smelling candles. I love it there.

10:30 Ry gets home from school, and if I'm not already at his parents house and Ry doesn't want the usual soup or pizza for dinner we head over to mom and dad's for a break. Usually we leave by quarter to midnight to get to bed


Life as usual... work and school...

5:00 I head over to USU Brigham campus for just one class...Hooray. I sit through anthropology1010 and never listen to a word since it is in a computer lab. I check emails, facebook and shop for christmas presents online.

8:00 I leave USU and head home. Ry of course has a class and has a few tests to study for so I won't usually see him until 11pm when he gets kicked off the campus.
Work. School.
5:00 we head over to where else but the INLAWS. We really love them but after reading how much time we spend there they may actually be really sick of much for the empty nest. Maybe we'll get tv at our house...
Usually a friday night dialogue goes as follows:
Dad: What are you two up to tonight?
Us: nothing
Dad: Ryan what are you doing?
Ryan: surfing KSL
Dad: Take your wife out on a date.
Mom: Want to go to the movie with us?
Ryan: Why would you go to the movie when you can watch one for a dollar in your own home???
Dad: Nat come sit down and relax, why don't we just go get a movie...
Mom: We are going to the movie.
MOM and DAD go to the movie.
We go to redbox :) and about every other weekend end up falling asleep at mom and dad's. :)
9-10 get up and head to Kaysville to do some work for Daddy-o
Hang out in Kaysville
Take a practice LSAT
Go out to eat with my hubby. And finally just be together.
11 Church, teaching temple prep, filling that spiritual canteen :)
2:00 Head over to Mom and Dad's, one or the other for dinner and relax...tomorrow we start over.
So that's our lives busy but happy! Love you all thanks for all the love and support.