Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Goal...

Luckily I never wrote it down (or maybe I did but it is beyond forgotten at this point) because at one point I made a goal to write on this little bloggie at least once a month. HA.

New goal: write once a season (baby steps, yes I can do that), which will be far more manageable now that we're back in Utah where there are actually seasons. Although truth be told I miss Vegas. BAD.

I am grateful to be back in Utah but it has been far from a smooth transition. Nothing has worked out for us since being back. period. But I'll save for my tears for the pillow.

Anyway, Here's our update-

For my birthday Ryan and his mom and dad, all took me to the Sugarland concert!!!
I had tried to win tickets on the radio and failed so I was way excited...
And then it rained ALOT and it was freezing...

Still excited, even if I can't feel my feet

And then this happened, 

And the show was awesome. 

In other news, we're back in school and have since become the world's lamest couple. We live on the road between Kaysville and the U of U campus. 

I am also training for my first half marathon in St. George with my mom and Ryan was able to go hunting with his dad last weekend. It's the small (and free) things we live for these days. 

I also absolutely love this time of year- getting excited for the Holidays and one more semester down!