Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Blog World,

Hello there.
TodayIfind myself wishing...
wishing I had $$ to go shopping
realizing even if I did I would have no idea what to buy...
I feel like I have somehow plucked myself out of the cuteness realm of the world and I am just BLAH. Yes. The word for me today is blah, or blaeghtttt.
Has that ever happened to anyone else?
Not to be a downer, I just really want to do something totally cute and creative, BUT i am at a loss.
Cooking? pass Sewing? ha probably couldn't even remember how to thread the machine Scrapbooking? who am I kidding Painting?Decorating?Photography?Take Flying Lessons?
I am trying to get into blogging so I guess that's something. I did change my background..i think
Welp I think I will go make Ryan amuse me now or else wander aroung Tai Pan...I hope it's still open
Goal: I will find myself a project.