Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catch Up

As always it is time for me to play catch up again. It has been a while since this poor blog had seen any action so... First off I will just say we had an awesome Christmas complete with mini-vacation (aka baby moon) to the Bahamas! It.Was.Glorious.
Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying myself to take

Then school started again and as always we fell off the face of the planet. Ry and I both loaded up our schedules so our last semester could be lighter when the baby gets here. I have 17 credits and Ryan has 21!!! I have no idea how he has survived...actually I do he is just in school every night until 9 pm we have one class together that ends at 7 pm and that is his early out! It has been a crazy semester and we now have only 5 weeks to go. Hopefully we make it. It's unclear at this point.

Also before I forget everything I just wanted to do a little pregnancy update. We have felt so blessed that I have not been sick and able to keep going to school through my entire first semester. If only every pregnancy will be like this! But I am not counting on it, I think Heavenly Father knows that I have to get through school and this has been a major blessing!

Well without further ado here are my pregnancy stats:

  • I am currently at 22 weeks- just over halfway there!
  • Total weight gain is about 15-17 pounds and yes my belly button is currently stretched to capacity I will have one of those awkward outie belly buttons WAY sooner than I was hoping. It looks like it could eat a small child at this point. So weird.
  • Weirdest Craving: During the first weeks I craved Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips- never really had them before and haven't craved them since it was really weird. Since then I have just craved salty foods mostly, especially french fries, which I had never really been that big of a fan before. I also lost my regular craving for chocolate, which I used to need daily and now it's pretty rare. 
  • I am actually starting to actually feel pregnant- I was in denial until about now, but every once in a while I feel like my stomach is doing somersaults or flicking me. So I am pretty sure something is in there....
  • Only other symptom- I am TIRED.Like.Always. And I do feel more forgetful and less able to concentrate during the day but I'm not sure how much I should really blame pregnancy, it might just be me being me. I do find myself being a bit more emotional and irrational than I would like to think I am not pregnant. Some things will REALLy get under my skin and I have serous urges to punch people...again I may just be hoping it isn't just me...And my last 'symptom' is when I get  hungry nothing else in the world seems to matter. My poor husband feels like I hate him because I get what we have termed "HANGRY" which I also did but it is like ten times worse now. I am an ornery butt when I'm hungry but feeding me is like magic I am immediately happier.