Thursday, January 20, 2011

Farewell 2010

Looking back at 2010, it was a year of milestones.
Milestone 1 We were married 2/5/10
Milestone 2 I became a college grad
Milestone 3 I got my first 9-5 job and then a second 5-10 job

Since I didn't jump on the blogging bandwagon like I had hoped after I got married...
Here is 2010 in a nutshell:
January- Wedding, Wedding, Wedding-pretty much all I had on the mind.

February- Our wedding day- It was flawless. I loved every minute of it

March- We had a spring break honeymoon to the Mexican Riviera aboard the Mariner of the Seas

April- Back into school, Ry commutes to Logan or Sandy from Kaysville EVERY day and works selling Comcast for what feels like all night! Ry turns 23!

May- I became a college graduate, Ry is one year away and finally quits the Sandy

June- Ry's first trip to Hawaii! We went with my mom's whole family, Ry cut his foot and was stitched up by Dr. Costley right on the beach and had to wake up every morning for class at 5:00 am not the MOST relaxing trip for him but we had fun. We also moved to the "LBC," Lil Bigham City.

July- Spent the 4th of July with R's family at Utah Lake and Aunt Lisa's for a BBQ. And squeezed in a trip top Lake Powell

August- I turned 22! And got my first real 9-5 job at Farm Bureau Insurance

September- Ry heads back to school in Logan, Utah State hey aggies all the way!

October- I get a second job as a facilitator for USU, I love it. We also take the LSAT for the 1st time...yes there will be more to come! Had a fabulous halloween party at the Forsyth household. We dressed up as Chris and Natalie in high school complete with cheer uniform and letterman's jacket.

November- Went by in a blur, LSAT tutoring every Monday+work+school=zero time! We did manage to hit both houses for Thanksgiving!

December- LSAT round 2. Christmas was wonderful, my husband spoiled me rotten! We spent Christmas Eve @ Costley's & had an awesome nativity in their barn, complete with jumping goats, spent Christmas Morning at the Brian's and made it to the Forsyth's to see the end of Jaxson's extravaganzaa. Then we ended with the phone call from Elder Forsyth, love him!

And that was our 2010!

Our goals for 2011 include:

Taking more pictures
Blog at least once a month, this will also include learning how to change my background...
More Temple visits
More "date nights" with friends
& P90X...alot of it :)

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