Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Law School Update

We interrupt my attempts to win throw pillows for an update...

I wanted to wait until we were more for sure on where we were headed, but we're PRETTY sure we will be heading out to Lincoln/Omaha Nebraska. And by that I mean scoping out apartments sure. Flat lands here we come! Our kitchen table is currently buried by all the letters and packets we've received from schools. Nebraska was always one of my top choices. I have heard good things about Omaha and we're hoping my time spent at Farm Bureau will bring us a big payoff in getting us in-state tuition there.

We have been acccepted to the following thrilling and exotic places:

Creighton Unversity- Omaha, Nebraska
University of Idaho- Moscow, Idaho
University of Mississippi- Oxford, Mississippi
Texas Tech University- Lobbock, Texas
University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Nebraska

We have thus far been wait listed at:

University of Kentucky
University of Utah- cross your fingers and everything else you got for us!

And were rejected to:

Brigham Young University :(

and the only one left to hear from is:
University of Las Vegas
(probably not good news at this point)

I am SO excited about going to law school!!! Ry has been calling each and every school figuring out how to get in-state tuition and where we would live, etc. What would I do without this man! I can tell you exactly what--- fall to pieces. Left up to me I would spend all my time going back & forth between schools and when I finally made up my mind at the last minute we would be left to wing it (and not a fun and carefree wing it-I'm talking a panicked, frustrated, kicking myself in the butt, hopefully Someone will help our lives fall into a good place wing it), yes I will always go with the much more stressful...and procrastinated, unplanned plan. But at least our kids will have half his DNA and a fighting chance at a good "planning, on-the-ball" gene- and while I'm at it I hope they also get the "no stupid phobias gene" I have a list of ridiculous phobias-the phone, worms, telling people they have food in their teeth, killing bugs that might make a crunching sound, and the list goes on. Heaven help them.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog...I love it!!
    I'm so excited for you both for getting into law school but we better go on at least a few double dates before you guys move! Seriously!

  2. very exciting! decisions like this can be tough. thats a lot of applications you got out! congrats on getting into so many! good luck with the rest. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com