Friday, September 9, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

I have neglected my poor blog...surprise, surprise. But after a whirlwind summer of going on every vacation we could possibly squeeze in to the 15 weeks of summer--this included 3 trips to Lake Powell. Our heaven on earth. A few trips up to Bear Lake and minimal amounts of working. It was awesome, I have never been so tan in my life, and we expected nothing less from our last summer as "kids." We have now started law school and will be growing up any minute now.

We moved to Vegas three days after we returned from our last Lake Powell trip and two days before school started. I was not kidding when I said we squeezed those vacations in.
School started and all we do is READ. We are taking Torts, Property law, Criminal Law, Lawyering Process and Civil Procedure. It is a lot of work but we both really enjoy least when we're not getting called on-neither of us are very big fans of this socratic method thing. But I am honestly pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy classes and being back in school. Plus we have the added bonus of being together 23/7...we only have one class not together. It is the greatest thing ever! I haven't got to be around my husband this much since we got married.

The only thing I am sad about is that I will miss driving through Sardine canyon when the leaves change in a month or so. I absolutely love fall. But we will not be getting snow so I won't complain. We are loving Vegas so far and we're lucky enough to have some visitors already!
Jarom, Kristin and of course Jaxson came to town and after inviting ourselves to hang out with them a few nights we decided to head back to Utah for the labor day weekend and let them enjoy their vacation. But it was great to see Jax, the kid is as cute as they come. I swear I'm going to start taking pictures one of these days so we can look back on the great memories we're making.

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