Thursday, January 12, 2012


Can't believe it's time for New Year's Resolutions 2012!

And yes I have all have all the same generic resolutions...budget, exercise, scripture study, family night, be a better friend, don't procrastinate, and STUDY my butt off.

But, along with those hopes and goals, I am resolved to be more positive- to find real joy in my journey of law school. Over our lengthy Christmas break I read the Hunger game series which was great and "Left to Tell" which was seriously LIFE CHANGING. My favorite quote was "God is the source of all positive energy, and prayer is the best way to tap in to His power." Amen. So basically living that quote is my new year's resolution.

Once again, I have no pictures to show how wonderful our holidays were, but they were great. We were spoiled. And now have entire new wardrobes thanks to our family. We loved being home in Utah and are so very blessed. Bring on the new year!

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